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This school was strarted in 1905 as a mixed school of the government at henawagama junction which is now called as Saliyagama junction. Then the school was calledas "Maha Madagalla Henawagama government school" . In 1910 this school was removed to feet of Nagala anceient mountain at Nikawewa which was a place that consist of many facilities for a school. The heavy scarcity of water during the drought season and the harm of thewild elephants wete caused to the removal of school to Nikawewa. Sine then, this school has been called as Nikawewa government mixed school.
At the time of 1st world war there has been a stores of fertilize, later this holding has been used for educational activities.
There are report about many principal's who have served a short period since the initiative time. Mr. Dissanayake whose son is profesor Waimal Dissanayake is considered as the eminent principal of the school. He has served more than 30 years.Later this school has been promoted as Maha vidyalaya at the time of the principal G.B. Hangilipola in 1965. This period of time is considered as a golden stage of the school. In 2001 this shool was developed as central college. Mr. Premasena Udugampola, Mr. H.M.D.B. Herath and Mr. H.M.M. Bandara are the devoted principals for the school. By now, this school has been developed as the educational centre and cluster school for 13 school of Nikawagampaha Koralaya. and there are nearly one thousend students and academic staff of fifty.
The school which are both teachers and students who have specific compettencies to achive specific wing up to whole ceylon compettion. Nikawewa school is located of a very attractive piece of land. Considering the historical value of the vihara in the cave of Nagala mountain the name Devanampiyathissa was added to the school name.
First e-village in North Western Province
We were select to the pilot IT project named "evillge" which is leading by Ministry of education. We started our special programes under "wayambalanka" brand name.
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Year 2007 Islandwide winners.......
Our senior dancing team won the first place in islanwide dancing compettion - 2007. They presented "Diyakeliya dance " under new creations . We highly appreciate your great work
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